Meet Morgan Williams

Hello Everyone!

My name is Morgan Williams, and I am one of the new spring interns for Third Rail Studios (I am still in a little bit of disbelief that I get to say that). I was born and raised in Atlanta, but I decided to break out of my comfort zone for college and head to Texas where I attended Texas Christian University. GO FROGS! I graduated this past May with a BA in writing and a BS in psychology. I was a psychology major throughout most of my college career with the intent of becoming a clinical therapist. However, after living with 5 other girls in one house for 2 years, I realized that a career based on dealing with others’ personal issues was not for me. Then, during my last semester of my senior year, I decided to take a course in what I’ve always been best at: creative writing. I quickly fell back in love and was advised by my professor to try and take my talents beyond just this one course. So, I ended up taking a little victory lap in order to get a degree in writing. During my first semester, I took a script writing course, and I got to combine my two loves, writing and film/television. Now, I am actively pursuing a career in writing screenplay.  

I have a deep love for writing satire and comedy. My comedic style tends to lean towards what I like to call “casual absurdity.” I think that the most twisted stories come from the most every-day experiences. Why can’t the barista at Starbucks getting your name for your order wrong lead to a crippling identity crisis? I also like to utilize satire to play around with deeper social issues such as feminist rights and financial inequality. One of my most recent short screenplays involved the Trump’s family game night exposing the disproportionate influence of white males in U.S. economic decisions.

While my background is in writing, my overall love of film and television serves as the biggest driving force behind my motivation to get into this industry. I have a serious appreciation for all aspects that go into creating the stories we get to see play out on both the big and small screen. This is why I consider my internship at Third Rail Studios to be my dream opportunity. My main goal in this internship is to fill in my gaps of knowledge for aspects that range anywhere from on-set production to finance. Even though I’ve only been through orientation, it is very clear that this internship is geared to equip me with this knowledge. I can already tell that I will undergo a personal transformation as a newcomer in the film and television industry. I am most looking forward to seeing the difference in who I am right now writing this first blog post versus who I am by the end of this internship. Let’s see where this goes!