Covid-19 Protocols

Third Rail is preparing for a safe return to production with respect to COVID-19.

ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING which provides an electrical charge to cleaning solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage.  Double-charged particles envelope all conductive surfaces – shadowed, vertical and underneath.  We are using Hilyard’s Q.T. 3 disinfectant, which is EPA-approved for COVID-19 and other viruses and contaminants. 

DIGITAL CHECK IN AND DRIVE ON PROCEDURES using the Envoy Visitor System software.

COMMERCIAL AIR PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY has been installed in the stage and production office HVAC system.  iWave is installed directly into the HVAC ducts and produces ions which are injected into the air stream and break down passing pollutants and gases.

NEW MERV 8 PLEATED FILTERS have been installed in the HVAC duct system.

NEW MERV 12 PLEATED FILTERS have been installed in stages 
NEW MERV 8 PLEATED FILTERS are in the offices

AUTOMATIC, HANDS-FREE HAND SANITIZING STATIONS are installed throughout the studio and refilled on a regular basis.   

28’ MACROAIR FANS in Flex 1 (Mill) provide constant airflow throughout the 37,000 sf space.

TOUCH-FREE sinks, toilets, and paper towel dispensers are installed throughout the studio. 

STEP HANDLE has been installed throughout the studio lot for safe, hands-free opening of doors.

MOUNTO AXIAL AIR MOVERS provide 4,000 CFM airflow for consistent circulation of air throughout the studio.

COVID-19 SAFETY EXPERTS, CTEH, are on site providing daily health assessment screenings, COVID-19 testing, and protocol assistance.

CDC Website